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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is the 11 news at 6:00 p.m. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> two big stories tonight involving deadly crashes in two different counties. the most recent happened this afternoon in glen burnie. police say two cars were
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involved in a head-on crash near freeman at shore's road. this is aerial video of the scene. four people reported dead, three adults and one child. investigators are from the traffic safety section say it is in its early stages of the investigation. the earlier accident happened just before 11:30 last night in hartford county. three people were killed when the driver of a car lost control on eastbound route 646. maryland state police have identified the victims. they're both 21 years old. police say henderson was driving the car. also killed in the crash, a 20- year-old girl, alexandra. the preliminary investigation
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and said they were moving back to emerson's home. owensby and clark were taken to shock trauma. after last week's discovery of a body part in right to reisterstown, they found remains of an unknown man. germander down yesterday in hanover pike. it is half a mile away from larry human hand was down -- from where a human hand was found. they have determined that it is human. detectives are investigating the shooting that happened around 6:30. when police arrived, they found an adult male with a gunshot
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wound to the leg. no word on his condition or any suspects. from 9:00 last night, police were called to west baltimore for a reported assault. they found a man and suffering from multiple stab wounds. he said he was attacked near dawson street. he was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. fails have been waiting all day, really all season, for tonight's match up against the steelers. pete is here. >> 2.5 hours until they kick them off at hines. what can we expect. last season called baltimore averaged 29 points per game. joe flacco threw it -- threw touchdown and no interceptions. surely, ray rice and more.
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so many are not available, ray lewis, troy palomalu. >> it's going to have a different feel. especially leading into the game. no 6, no 43, no 52, no 21. it's definitely different. once the whistle blows and the bullets are live, i expect nothing more than traditional ravens. >> kicking off with the ravens karen down at 6:30. gerry sandusky live from hines. all your post-game information and more.
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spend all night with us on wbal-tv 11. did the ravens get some help from an unlikely source? >> gerry told pete it was balmy, so to speak. >> deal is being relative, pittsburgh weather is fine for football. they don't mind if it's a little cool out. temperatures have dropped off in pittsburgh. the have dropped into the 40's and we have some high, and clouds -- high, thin couds. there weather is looking pretty good. we are watching rain to the south, but the specific forecast, mostly clear and chile with temperatures and to the 40's.
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for the fans come maybe another chance. >> a great weather today for the good neighbor day. the biannual event bringing altogether volunteers of colleges to help various seniors' prepare for winter. they also helped clean up some debris left over from hurricane sandy. the mayor of baltimore says she once residents to see how voluble it is to volunteer time. >> my hope is for people younger and gold that they will gain a better appreciation and to give back to the community and does see how much fun it is. >> 5 under volunteers turned out for today's events. coming up coming york city is preparing to tear down hundreds of homes damaged by sandy. it's such a reunion between an
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abandoned boy and the
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>> as tensions escalate, u.s. leaders are voicing their support for israel. president obama today defended israel's right to defend itself. brian mooar has the story. >> at a news conference in thailand, president obama backend israel's right to strike back. >> we are pro is supportive of the right to defend themselves from missile landing on people's homes, workplaces, and potentially killing civilians. >> they were striking that the blows from the air and they are preparing for a possible ground invasion. washington lawmakers closing
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ranks. >> sending in ground troops is the only way they can clean out these nests of rockets being fired at them. you cannot blame them. >> nobody wants a ground war but israel has determined what they have to do to preserve their security. >> both sides are trying to come back from the brink and u.s. leaders are debating how prominent the american role shall be. >> trying to find someone even as high ranking as former president bill clinton and to go and be a negotiator. >> trying to sell a ceasefire as a winner for the palestinian cause. >> company officials say they are continuing the search for a worker who disappeared after an oil platform caught fire friday in the gulf of mexico. a higher divers to speed up the search and bring closure for the worker's family.
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the cold of their own research after a body believed to be of erisa a worker was found. -- be of the other worker was found. this is in addition to the 200 homes that have already been partially or completely burned down or otherwise damaged. they are inspecting nearly 500 other damaged structures, some of which could also be demolished. a firefighter who found a baby in a fire 10 years ago has reunited after 10 years. he was one of the first abandoned babies found under the baby moses law. for his 10th birthday, he wanted to meet the man who saved him. >> he was asleep at the time. he was breathing ok. i picked him up and brought him in the stations.
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cuz'm glad i got to see him i was abandoned. >> corgan was named chief of the station and got to ride in a fire truck. john collins trends us again and. keeping an eye on everything dogs >> basically, going into dense giving its looking okay. details of lethal forecast ahead. temperatures are beginning to fall back into the 40's. it is chilly but not unusual. it is chilly but not unusual.
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>> now your 11 insta-weather + forecast. >> there is a disturbance down south drifting northward and ended as the beginning of what will turn out to be a postal store far enough offshore that i do not think it will be a big issue. putting ran up into the carolinas and simmering just offshore to the east of unruffled but not up this far north. not a big deal. let's take a look at what's going on outside right now with the airport. that's a technical term -- a bunch of clouds. dew point, 38. the air is really dry.
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the air would evaporate before it hit the ground. 66 percent this line is a relative humidity. the barometer is way up there but it's not as high as it was yesterday when it was 60 or 62. we have been rather chilly the past week or so, but during the week temperatures of been moving towards a more typical high. right now in annapolis, 52. 42 east and. 41 ocean city, parton, 44. thirties and forties in the far western maryland so temperatures are beginning to chill down out that way. looking at the satellite-radar combination, the storm is spinning off the coast. it will come up for a while and then moved to the east. the rain will get closer to us, but not this far north. how close will it get?
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the air is pretty dry and we have this high pressure sitting here. even if it tries to move up, this will just dry and out. that will be are saving grace of the storm is developing. that is the game plan. tonight, clouds and maybe some patchy fog toward daybreak. 32-39 with a light north- northwest wind. tomorrow, 51-56 is the high. we will probably start off with a few breaks in the morning so cloud that sunset will be the dominant feature. chilly with the wind. the instant + futurecast showing this moving what i do not think it will quite make it here. the further south, the higher the chance for rain. heading towards things giving, we see this developing offshore and this is what this lookalike.
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a breeze might kick up a with the center of the storm that for now, the dell looked to be an issue. 54 tomorrow, 52 tuesday. maybe a shower south of us, maybe a sprinkle or nothing, but not a big deal. more son will be coming into the picture. 61-62 war on friday, but we could see it summer showers and a cold front will be coming in. the temperatures will be stepping back. >> a long day waiting for this game to start. >> we're getting there slowly but surely. what will we be seeing off an assembly? re
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>> from the susquehanna banks
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for center, this is a love of sports. >> the worst thing about sunday night football -- i don't think allowed to say that -- it's a bit of a weight. cruising through the oakland j.v. team, 55 points. writing in the pittsburgh feeling as good about their offense than they have at any point in this season. they understand the challenges different. combined with recent success. he does say that there is reason to smile. >> it's amazing to be around that talent. we did this in the opposite ways so it's great to see our team come together. >> booking pour some help from jacksonville? jags taking the texans would
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drastically improve their standing. in for an injured player. a short going along. tying the game to go into overtime. both of them kicking field goals. going into sudden-death, but then huston gets the ball back again. to johnson -- there he goes. 270 yards receiving, five touchdowns. the texan was escaping into being the jaguars. tony romo, trenton get a comeback for the boys. late in the fourth, the browns actually answering, in the
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pocket, is try to watson. his second touchdown in the game. it was just too much time. yes, they do. dallas beating cleveland in overtime. rg of3 : the redskins play host to the philadelphia eagles. he was very efficient. 22 yards 7-0, washington. to robinson, this one has some considerable length. plain that new kind of defense -- you know, where they don't have any. third quarter, here we go. can they talk bit? santana moss double coverage but things are going well. 61 yards. 14 of 15. redskins win. . the cows and tigers finishing
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with a four-game winning streak -- the towson tigers winning. no one wanted to face them in the postseason. for some reason, they were snubbed by the selection committee with a 7-4 record. the coach said the best 20 teams in the country are not paying for a trip to japan that the fact -- are not play and. the hall of fame tournament final tipoff. a three-point play within seconds. leading loyola over albany. this just in -- congratulations to nascar.
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w=!nño >> i want to give a shout out to the best team in the world. baltimore ravens. >> task force dragoman. a special shout out to the best football team -- the baltimore ravens. go ravens. >> serving in afghanistan saying go ravens. >> love it, love it.
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one last check on the weather? >> a lot of clouds in the next few days. maybe some rain south of us. and is giving day looks a great. we will make it to around 50. -- since giving it a day looks great. >> stay tuned for "ravens account ballot -- countdown." have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours.
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